Creative Days January-15-2011

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emerald-fairy Lynn
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Weaving Magic into fabric everyday
Cream & Apricot Bohemian Wedding Coat
Stunning NEW Patchwork Bohemian Coats ~ Choose One or Have One Made Just For You ~ Perfect for Wedding or Hand Fasting Ceremony
In Store Now!!
Patchwork Bohemian Wedding Jacket
Fairy Wedding Coat
Black & Smokey Mauve Patchwork Bohemian Coat
Smokey Mauve & Black
Bohemian Elf Coat
This One is Popular!! Gorgeous Colours
Tan Gypsy Elf Patchwork Coat

Gorgeous Alternative Fairytale Bridal Veils ~ Lots of Colours & Ideas for Brides who would like somthing different. Veils with Roses, Butterflies, Pearls, Glitter, Feathers and many other creative designs in my fairy minds eye
Black & White Fairytale Bridal Veil
Mint & Mauve FairyTale Beach Wedding Veil
Pink Fairy Wedding Veil



Barefoot Sandals for Gypsy Belly Dancing or Pretty Glass Beaded Sandals for the Beach Bride. I made Sandals, Anklets, Slave Bracelets in lots of great colours 

Frangipini Bare Foot Beach Wedding Sandals




custom made for you

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Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs

Fairy Customers Happy Snaps ~ Enjoy!!

Photos Wanted:  I would love to have some more photos

so if you would like to share your pics wearing all or just part of something I have made for you

  please e mail me

emerald fairy - Lynn at

I have had some great feeback as people have said to me "it's nice to see real people modeling my creations"




Happy Nena who was thrilled with her new spider lace hanky jacket
Helen Broken Hill belongs to a group called Western Action Shooters
Western Action Shooters Group Function Slap Happy & Lusty Pearl
Carolyn from Germany this dress won Gown of the Evening Miami Formal 2005
Bethany in Red from Tasmania with her favorite puppy
Bethany from Tasmaina showing off a plum rayon skirt I made for her
Western Action Shooters Group Shannon,MissFire,VioletRose,& Emily
Shannon, Miss Fire, Violet Rose & Little Emily at Shooters Dress-Up
Bethany from Tazzie Loves Hats!! wearing a Rainbow Top I made for her
Bethany dressed in purple wearing a lovely smile and another Hat!!
This is the same lady as the photo before - Lovely Bethany from Tasmania wearing a Size 12 - 14 Chocolate Hanky Dress
Fairy of the Forest Jan wearing a Chocolate Hanky Dress
Fairy of the Forest Jan wearing a Chocolate Hanky Dress & Matching Cloak Coat
Fairy of The Forest Jan once again, these photos were taken in Jans own forest where she meditates with nature
Gypsy Janine the face painter!! I love face painting looks gorgeous
Ellie from Brisbane is a singer of Stevie Nicks Songs
Lovely Ellie again wearing Black Spider Lace Hanky Jacket
Pretty Natasha wearing a wispy white wrap
Leonora Tasmaina wearing a black mortisha sleeve dress and shawl I made a few years ago when Leonora had her shop
Laura lives just near me and is off to a Masquerade Ball wearing this pretty purple baby doll dress
Laura was thrilled with her gorgeous new creation and now like Cinderella she is off to the Ball
Cindy from up Brisbane way wearing a gorgoeus long white cloak coat
Cindy showing off the lovely sleeves of her new whitle cloak coat..she just loved it
Stonham Family 21st. Birthday as Aunty Jack isnt he a gem in pink.. hummm where my fashions go!!

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